We had a visitor during December 2016.

He was rather cute, but very mischievous and his name was Elf!

Elf trying to get to the yummy lunches!Riding on the Santa Train!Having trouble with some paper chains in the Snow play box!Looks like Elf found a pen!
Elf was after those yummy lunches again, but luckily he was found before he could eat any!
Just hanging around! Sandra to the rescue!
Elf couldn’t wait for the snacks to be dished out – NO TABLE MANNERS!Elf went fishing! Hope those fish were okay!Being nosey & watching the children from the door.
He’s after food again!  Such a Naughty Elf!Trying to escape from the preschool by hiding in a coat!
The baby doll disappeared and guess who was there instead!
Waiting for the children to come in one morning & hiding the time so they couldn’t go home!Always watching the children……except he wanted to keep Annie’s scarf!

Thank you for being such a fun little guy, Elf.  You made our children laugh and kept the staff on their toes, they were always wondering what antics you would be up to each day!

Maybe we’ll see you again next Christmas???