2016 – 2017

Committee Chair – Lyndsey Peplow

 Committee Secretary – Sarah Williams

 Committee Treasurer – Jenny Jones

Contact the Committee via email: committee@rainbow-preschool-sandbach.co.uk

Committee Role

Rainbow Pre-school is a registered charity run by an elected Committee of volunteers, mostly made up of parents of children attending the Pre-School. The Committee work in tandem with the Pre-school staff to ensure the smooth running of the Pre-school.

The Committee is elected every year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held in October.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Supporting the senior staff in managing the Pre-school finances and personnel
  • Making sure that the Pre-school has, and works to, policies which help it to provide a high quality service
  • Making sure that the Pre-school works in partnership with the children’s parents
  • Fundraising

We depend very much on the goodwill of parents and their involvement with the Pre-school.  Without the Committee, the Pre-school would not be able to operate and would have to close.

Each volunteer member of the Committee will bring different skills which are invaluable to the running of our Pre-school.  Committee members have worked, or do work, in various industries such as management, financial or secretarial. Others may have worked with children or in situations dealing directly with the public. Mums, Dads and Grandparents are equally welcome to join us.  The important thing is you don’t need any direct experience to make a difference.

The Committee usually consists of no more than 12 elected members, but sub-committees may also be formed so that tasks can be shared amongst individuals and all the work need not fall on any one person.

There are three main roles required on the Committee, the Chair, the Treasurer and the Secretary.  These posts have a more defined role, some details of which are set out below together with some of the duties shared amongst Committee members:

The chair is the public face of the elected committee, representing the setting where necessary at public events and sometimes at meetings of other organisations.

The Chair will:

  • be the ‘nominated person’ for the committee (Ofsted requirement)
  • liaise with the manager or supervisor to support them in the daily running of the setting. They are responsible for clear communication between the committee and the staff. Making interim decisions if necessary, that does not need the full committee. (Any major decision needs to go to the full committee or sub-committee)
  • know the roles and legal obligations of the committee.
  • ensure committee members and staff, have clearly identified roles and responsibilities
  • take charge of open meetings (AGM etc) and committee meetings. Ensuring meetings are effective, kept to time and the agenda covered. The chair has the casting vote of any decisions that need to be made at meetings.
  • make the best use of the talents and skills of the volunteers and staff within the setting. e.g. marketing, personnel, or financial experience
  • be the line-manger of the person in charge (manager or supervisor)
  • will support and authorise the work of the treasurer
  • convene and prepare the agenda for committee meetings alongside the secretary
  • sign the agreed minutes of the previous meeting
  • ensure all pre-school policies are up to date and regularly reviewed
  • be the signatory for grant applications
  • deal with legal matters & be a signatory for expenditure, along with the treasurer and secretary
  • be on the interview panel for staff appointments & appraisals

Vice Chair

This is usually the previous year’s Chair. The role was decided upon to ensure continuity for the running of the Committee and its support in the running of the Pre-school.


The secretary deals with all the official paperwork except for keeping accounts. The work includes:

  • writing and receiving letters and keeping all the correspondence
  • drawing up and circulating an agenda before meetings in consultation with the chair
  • ensuring everyone knows in good time about the date, time and place of committee meetings
  • keeping proper minutes of meetings and ensure agreed copies of the minutes are displayed at pre-school (minus any ‘part’ sections which should be distributed as paper copies to the committee and then returned or destroyed)
  • supports the chair by ensuring the effective administration of the committee
  • keeping lists of contacts up-to-date
  • liaises with personnel regarding the appointment of new staff

Committee Treasurer

Rainbow Pre-school has a Pre-school Treasurer who is a paid member of staff. The Committee Treasurer helps to support her in her role. This will mainly entail:

  • banking money on behalf of Pre-school
  • organising floats for events
  • feeding back financial information from the Pre-school Treasurer to the Committee

Shared responsibilities for all Committee members

Act in the best interests of the Pre-school, promoting its values and working together to achieve its charitable objectives.  Working as part of a team, reading Committee papers and contributing to the decision making process of the Committee.  Undertake Ofsted suitability checks as appropriate.  Ensure that the Pre-school complies with the rules in its constitution, charity law and other regulations that govern the work of the Pre-school.


PDF Pre-school Learning Alliance – Volunteer for your Pre-school Committee

 Committee Roles and Responsibities