Children are accepted from 2 1/2 years and we are currently registered to accept a total of 23 children per session.

The admissions co-ordinator will write/contact all parents/carers of eligible children on the waiting list, offering them a place when available and maintain contact with those remaining.

Admissions have to take into account the staffing ratio of adults to children and this will determine the number of children below the age of three being admitted.

Please note that no places can be reserved for excessive amounts of time.

Our purpose is to make our pre-school accessible to all children and families from the local community. Children with special needs are equally entitled to a pre-school education and we will endeavour to see that their needs are met.


2 yr olds £10 per 2.5 hrs session.

Over 15hrs funding £10 per 2.5 hrs session.

Lunch Club £4 for 1 hr, £2 for 30 mins.

Children aged 3 years and over will be eligible for 15 hours Free Early Years Entitlement funding from the term after the child’s third birthday.

Children already eligible for funding and claiming their entitlement elsewhere will be charged £10 for any additional sessions.

Is your 2 year old eligible for free childcare? Please click on link below:

 2 Year Old Funding Info

Are you eligible for further funding support?  Please click on link below:

Early Years Pupil Premium Info